Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

The visitor management provides an online platform for you to keep track on the incoming and outgoing visitor. The whole process is more organized with the installation of our software. The software will be required visitor to pen their e-signature upon arrival and departure. This means that visitor logbook will be eliminated, and periodic reports and the clock in /out pattern can easily be tabulated. With the introduction of face recognition, the whole process is further enhanced with automatic checking in and out without the need for human interaction and greatly expedite the process. Any retrieval of information can also be obtained more readily and in a systematic format that can be accessed at any point of time.

Features of Visitor Management System

Pre-registration of visitors with a validity date range

Banned list to allow reception counter to monitor blacklisted names

Tracks purpose of visit, location of visit, check-in and out timings

Transaction reports with various search criteria and date ranges

Keep track of overstaying visitors through an on-screen and audio alert

Reports can be exported to MS Excel and PDF

Allow scanning of photo ID’s barcode for fast entry

Ability to recognize each visitors’ record uniquely through a hashing algorithm

Uses SQL database structure

How Does It Works?

Step 1
ID Registration

Present your ID or driving license or passport to the security guard

Step 2
Fill in Details

Visitor’s details will be recorded into the server

Step 3
Face Scanning

Scan the face with Face Reader Access for registration purpose

Step 4
After Completion

After registration is done, visitor may enter the premise. Visitor may scan the face only through the FRA for next visit