We provide a suite of services from face recognition to smart guarding for upgrading the premise security. The face recognition makes use of biometric traits to access the premise or certain intellectual property (Example: PC in the workstations). The use of our physical characteristics can be utilized for granting or denying entry in the key infrastructure or commercial installation which includes private estate, hotels.

Having adopted the smart guarding technology, the manpower resources can be allocated more efficiently as every checkpoint can only be accessed by the authorized party. From the central surveillance platform, the security personnel can in one glance view all the authorized incoming outgoing vehicles as well as tenants or visitors.

In short, only authorized personnel will have access and any unauthorized entry once captured by the camera will trigger the alarm. It is almost impossible for anyone to escape the lens of the camera at each checkpoint thus making it a fool-proof solution to resolve real-time problems.

Our priority is to integrate the solutions to your business model and streamline all the operations to safeguard your property against any intrusion both online and offline.

The overall perimeter of your premise is greatly secured and with more accountability. Any bypasses or intrusion can be easily traced back and detect in real time with a backup copy in our main server.

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