Centralized Surveillance Platform

Centralized Surveillance Platform

The Centralized Surveillance Platform serve as a command centre for the security infrastructure. By having a centralize surveillance platform, all monitoring activities can be consolidated into one application for multi-location view. It means that the various locations in one premise can be view from a common platform and commands can be executed from there as well. A summary of the periodic alarm activation or other security breach can be tabulated instantly at a click. From a single platform, you are able to monitor various sites, execute commands to each individual site and lastly, generate reports based on certain metrics.

Advantages of Centralized Surveillance Platform

Helps in early identification and mitigation of data quality risk/issue(s) which may compromise validity of study results

Supports in better monitoring of patient safety and helps in enhancing subject protection

Increases effectiveness of  Centralized Surveillance Platform and helps utilization of their time very efficiently and objectively during on-site monitoring

Keeps track of sites’ performances to help plan on-site monitoring visits

Optimizes on-site monitoring visits, thereby reducing related costs

Creates overall efficiencies in clinical trial operations