Facial Recognition Surveillance System

Facial Recognition Surveillance System

The biometric data associated with the individual face will first be stored in the database. When the visitor wished to cross any checkpoint, they are required to scan their face and check if the scan matches or not. If it is a mismatch, access will be denied.

The security personnel can choose to blacklist or set any time limit for the guest. Once the image of the banned personnel is being installed to the system, any attempt to get pass the checkpoint by that individual will prompt the alarm to be triggered. Similarly, if the guest wander past the allocated time frame, the alarm will trigger as well.

The camera in place will also track and process any images in view. Any captured images will be tallied against the pre-installed data in the system to see if it resembles any blacklisted personnel. Any similarity with the blacklisted party or unregistered personnel will prompt the alarm to be triggered. With the ultra-fast images processing capability, the cameras will be placed at key infrastructure and installation point and be monitored by the security personnel from the control panel.

Advantages of Facial Recognition Surveillance System

Enhanced security

This technology will eliminate human errors as the entry past certain checkpoints will required the biometric traits to match the pre-recorded data in the system. Any mismatch will be denied access

Faster processing

The time taken to process the captured image is speed up and able to determine an enormous number of images at one time

Seamless integration

This technology can be integrated to a common platform so that the security will be able to monitor and conduct surveillance from a common place

Automation of identification

Any images that does not fit the pre-determined conditions will all be screen out and prompt the alarm to triggered. The security guard know need to react to extreme situations and know the standard protocol for alarming triggering

How Facial Recognition Surveillance System Work?