Face Reader Access

What is Face Reader Access ?

Process of identifying or verifying the identity of a person by using their face

By tapping on biometric data associated with an individual face, we will be able to distinct a user over an intruder. The facial reader technology can authenticate the face contour and distinguish the face features to identify a person. The user’s facial traits are first pre-installed in the system and for any entry to a protected premise, the visitor will be required to scan their face. If the scan matches the images that is previously saved, entry is permits whereas if the scan is a mismatch, the access will be denied.

With camera capturing the images from all angles, any physical traits that does not match the records in the system will prompt the alarm to trigger. Traditionally, any visitor will need to sign manually on the guest books. Now they will need to register and have their data kept in the system. Any attempts to enter or exit will be recorded in our system and their movements are being also monitored throughout the designated premise thus in one way or another gear up the security.

Advantages of Face Reader Access


Facial recognition provides a more seamless way for accessing a secure site that avoid direct contacts with the sensor. This technology is making use of the face contour as a unique credential to gain access


By tapping on to this unique characteristic, we can say goodbye to passwords and use the face features to enter a monitored zone

Higher level of security

Since the physical traits cannot be replicate or shared to other parties, this unique characteristic belongs to the individual exclusively and served as a unique identifier

Improving tracking

Through the image processing features of the FRA, the camera will be able to easily spot any characters whose images are not pre-installed or blacklisted by the security personnel


The security can set a time limit for the visiting hours and once anyone exceed the time frame, the alarm will be triggered prompting the security personnel to act

Features of Face Reader Access

Recognize up to 24,000 faces
Integrate with Door Access
Real-Time Recognition
Large Storage
Fast and Accurate