Smart Centralized Control System

Smart Centralized Control System

With a Smart Centralized Control System, you can perform multiple functions on one platform. The brightness of the light can be tweaked from your fingertips or through voice control. The light can be switch off in one area to reduce carbon footprint and on it from the Smart Centralized Control System when required. This technology can further be adopted for electrical device. Timer can be applied so that the device and light is switch off after certain timing. The focus will now be place on more important stuff as all the miscellaneous tasks will be automated and control can be left in the hands of the security personnel.

Advantages of Smart Centralized Control System

Managing Home Device From One Place

A central platform can help you to control all the electrical appliances at the click of your finger. By tapping on to one device, user can switch on/off the appliances and also be able to monitor the brightness or lower the temperature.

Trim Energy Bills

Electricity bill can now be managed with greater control. No more wasting of electricity via unclosed light as you are able to set a timer or turning it off from the central panel at the com fort of your chair.

Answer The Door from Anywhere

When your guest presses the doorbell, you will be able to view from your phone and use the interface to grant or deny access.

Remote Control of Home Functions

Able to make all routine tasks being automated. The light upon sensing motion will be turned on or the curtain will automatically be wind up during certain time in the day. All these improve the quality of your life by making it simpler.

Keep An Eye on Your Kids

The integrate camera in your comes will allows your to have a bird-view of the whole premise keeping a close watch on your loved ones.

Maximize Home Security

With every point in surveillance and the full control in your hand, you will be able to monitor all areas in clarity thereby improving the security of the premise.