Resident Management System

Resident Management System

Info Announcement:

The applications provide a section that allows the resident to gain information about important announcements or any outgoing statements conveyed by the property management

Incident Report:

Any incidents such a faulty lifts damaged light required the incident reports to be submitted for recording purpose

Maintenance Payment:

Help resident to view their outstanding bill or check for the any historical payment details. The payments reminders are also configured to remind residents of any late payment


The condominium will have annual meeting every year and this section is for receiving votes and feedbacks to enhance the living environment of the premise

Advantages of Resident Management System

Payment will be made more promptly and not result in any late payment fees

A constructive platform to receive feedback on how to improve the current facilities or amenities for improve living

Resident and property management have a common platform to identify the occurrence of faults and take any corrective actions from there

We would want a mobile application to receive curated recommendations and keep rack of the payment patterns