Frequently Ask Questions

Smart Guarding is a security services provides a combination advanced intergrated and innovative security solutions.

Our service currently available is Malaysia and Singapore.

Our security services are engaged in wide areas of industries such as hospitals, airports, museums, banks, retail shops, residential areas, warehouses, commercial properties, hotels, industries park, shop lot, office, shopping malls, factory, and landed property.

Yes, surveillance cameras will be supervised for 24 hours operation.

Our company will provide a proffesional on site training on the security guards.

Because it is save time and high accurate to prevent any unwanted or unauthorised faces enter the premise.

Visitor management system designally keep track on the visitor coming in and out of the premise.

We do have VMS able to track back the record accordingly.

Charges are according to the quantity of the security guards manpower and contract period of our services. (Contact us to know more)